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Common Questions

  • Do I need previous business or food industry experience to become a franchise partner?

    No, you don’t. But you must have a hunger for success, love the Noodle Box philosophy and have an unmatched enthusiasm for your business. This is all achievable without prior food or business ownership experience. We’ll supply you with all the tools, systems and process to assist you in reaching your business aspirations.

  • Do I need to work in the business full-time or can I run my franchise under management?

    Our experience is that the most profitable businesses are owner-operated. For that reason, our expectation is that our Franchise Partners treat their businesses as a full-time, hands on commitment.

  • What ongoing support will I get from Noodle Box?

    At Noodle Box we have a dedicated team of specialists working at our Franchise Support Centre in Melbourne to assist our Franchise Partners. Our support teams cover areas such as Marketing, Finance, Training, Supply Chain and Store Design just to name a few. You will also enjoy support from our dedicated team of operations professionals on the ground in each state to assist you with your day-to-day needs.

  • Do you train me? Who pays for my training? Where do I go for training?

    We have a comprehensive training program in place for all new Franchise Partners entering our system. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about our products, systems and procedures. After that, ongoing training is available through ‘Noodle U’, our innovative online platform.

    Your training will be completed at our Franchise Support Centre in Melbourne and in a real restaurant under the supervision of our Training team.

  • What kind of returns can I expect from running a Noodle Box franchise?

    Due to a significant number of variables when operating a franchise, we can’t provide you with concise figures before you start. We will provide you with a financial planning guide to assist with your preparation of a business plan and budget forecast and encourage you to seek independent financial advice.

  • What will my initial investment be?

    Your initial investment is expected to range from approximately $250,000 to $350,000 (+ GST). The actual cost will be dependent on a number of factors including restaurant size, location and condition. This investment delivers a turnkey franchise operation.

  • What about ongoing fees?

    A royalty is payable weekly based on net sales by all Franchise Partners. This ensures the provision of ongoing operational support and marketing of the Noodle Box brand.

  • Can I own more than one Noodle Box?

    Possibly. We expect that our most successful franchise partners will be likely to own more than one restaurant once they have proven themselves and their performance at their initial restaurant. Applications to become a multi-site operator will be assessed on an individual basis.

  • Can I own a franchise with a business partner?

    We encourage spouse and sibling franchise partnerships and will consider other partnership arrangements on an individual basis.

  • How are locations assessed?

    We carry out research on potential sites and receive advice from property consultants to ensure that Franchise Partners are privy to prime locations in suitable areas. Franchise Partners are not obligated to accept proposed sites and should conduct their own site evaluations before signing the Franchise Agreement. Of course, you are also welcome to suggest potential sites for us to consider.

  • How long does it take to become a Franchise Partner?

    The full process from application to your first day in your restaurant normally takes 12 – 14 weeks. Please review our 10-step process to understand what’s required and potential timings.

  • Does Noodle Box provide financing?

    We do not provide financing for the purchase of your Noodle Box restaurant. We can supply you with bank contacts and accredited financial institutions, so you can discuss your financial position and capacity. Alternatively, you are free to obtain financing for the operation of the business from the source of your choice.

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