Welcome To The Noodle Crew

Welcome To The Noodle Crew Welcome To The Noodle Crew Sm

We believe our most loyal Noodle Boxers deserve to be rewarded. Join Noodle Crew now and start earning Noodle Points every time you order. We’ll even give you a free Noodle Box on your birthday.

How it works

Sign Up

Pick up a card in-restaurant and simply register online

Earn Points

Scan in-restaurant and watch the points stack up

Let’s Noodle

Points aren’t tasty, but Noodle Box is. Turn your Noodle Points into delicious meals by scanning at the kiosk or counter.

Sign in

If you’re already part of our Noodle Crew, welcome back. Sign in now to check up on your Noodle Points or take us up on an offer or two.

Noodle Crew Exclusives

Forget cake, celebrate the best day of the year with your FREE Birthday Box, exclusive to Noodle Crew!

10% of every Noodle Box spend = $1 in Noodle Points

Hungry for bonus Noodle Points? Get a friend to join the crew or tell us about your last Noodle Box experience, we’d love to hear from you!