We believe in the power of the mighty wok. 

To turn a humble kitchen into a fiery theatre. And transform the simplest of ingredients into a feast that’s out of this world.

Inspired by the hawker food markets of Southeast Asia and armed with the mighty wok in all its sizzling hot and smoky glory, our wok chefs take market fresh ingredients and fire them up for that amazing wok-charred flavour, right before your eyes.

It’s the taste of Southeast Asia in a box, ready when you are.

Noodle Box. Wok inspired, market fresh.



Our flame-taming wok chefs work their fiery magic in every Noodle Box kitchen, giving every dish its unforgettable wok-charred flavour.




Freshness means flavour, so we use the freshest local market produce we can find to ensure you get maximum crispiness, crunchiness and tastiness in every bit.


Original Master Recipes

Original Master Recipes Original Master Recipes Sm

Crafted from traditional Asian recipes and mastered for modern tastes, our secret sauces add sizzle and scorch to every Noodle Box dish.


Wok Charred Flavour

Wok Charred Flavour Wok Charred Flavour Sm

Our not-so-secret secret weapon, the wok is the key to the distinctively Southeast Asian flavours that keep you coming back for more.


A Fiery Start

In 1996, two young Aussies took their taste buds on a trip around Southeast Asia, and the wok-fired flavours of the hawker food markets have inspired them ever since. Today, with over 80 restaurants globally, Noodle Box is a neighborhood classic. And you can find us serving up an ever-evolving menu of wok inspired, market fresh creations to hundreds of hungry Noodle Boxers every day.

Order Up

Choose from our never-ending menu, get busy building your own box online or head to your nearest Noodle Box restaurant to watch the fiery theatre unfold…